Feel Good Friday – Toe vind ek jou

Feels like forever since I did one of these posts and it has been.  I am not even sure I have an excuse as to why I have not been blogging.  I took a look at my drafts and there are currently 12 posts there, waiting to be brought too life.  So hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

Work as always is interesting.  A few changes with a couple of teammates leaving (that in itself is a pending blog post).  The Tribelets are keeping me busy with their hectic sport and social schedules.

Week-end plans:

I have 4 boys sleeping over tonight, all under the age of 8, so not as exciting as it sounds!  Then off to Caleb’s rugby match on Saturday. So pretty much the glamorous life of Soccer Mom, except I wont be wearing a matching tracksuit.  A much needed catch up with mates on Saturday evening around the fire. Then the compulsory visit to Bob’s bagels on Sunday, after waking up early for the start of the Comrades. Bliss.

I originally had Cheerleader by OMI as today’s pick for a Feel Good Friday tune, albeit the video is terrible.  There is however a tune that I have on repeat, perhaps not that upbeat but Proudly South African.  Give it a listen!

Stay safe, stay warm and have a great week-end.



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