hUmp Day Hottie – Siv Ngesi

hump day hottie

My inbox has been flooded for requests of another installment of hUmp Day Hottie.  More specifically, the ladies want to know about Siv Ngesi.  So for the sake of the Nation I met up with him for a “coffee date” and during the conversation I chucked in some of the questions you wanted asked.


LK&OT: Thanks for meeting up with me.  Sorry Miss Bailey couldn’t join us but she is busy with her rehearsals for the The Rouge Revue Burlesque Company or she is eating bacon. Never really sure with her.  Anyway, coffee?


SN: No way! Detoxing.  I have a topless shoot coming up in a couple of days!

LK&OT: Again? Didn’t we have the same conversation last time I saw you?


SN: That was for Cosmo. Different shoot this time.  Anyway, it would be unfair of me to deny the ladies of seeing my six  eight-pack.

LK&OT: Fair enough. I am amazed at all that you manage to do: Boxer, MC, Comedian, Presenter, Actor, Producer, Protector of the Ladies and most importantly Protector of the Children.  I see you have also committed to running the Cape-Town Marathon. Do you ever get tired?

SN: I will sleep when I am dead Sister.

LK&OTH:  Point taken. Seems to me that Black Twitter has it in for you.  Any response?


siv 4

SN: They just need to keep calm and remember: Siv is the King of Twitter.

LK&OT: And when they refer to you as UMLUNGU?

images (1)

SN: Sticks and stones Sister!

LK&OT:  Our most popular question, are you a boob or butt guy?

images (2)

SN: I love ALL women.

LK&OT: I loved watching you on Strictly Come Dancing. What is your favourite dance move?

siv 6

SN: That propeller dance or was it called the helicopter?

LK&OT: If you say so, then the Helicopter it is.  Moving on, people are asking if you have a Super Power?

super siv

SN: Super Siv!

LK&OT: Do you have  a weakness?

siv 2

SN: Look at me and think about what you just asked me? I think not.

LK&OT: Sorry, that was really a silly question.  I need to get Miss Bailey to start doing her research before she sends me these questions.  We have already run through the long list of all you do. However, if you weren’t all those many things, what would you be?

siv 3

SN: Rugby player, no wait…


SN: A pilot, no wait…

siv 5

SN: That oke that Kurt Darren sings about, Kaptein span die seile.  Actually, on second thoughts

images (3)

SN: A professional boxer like my hero Muhammad Ali.


SN: Actually Siv could be just whatever he set his mind too.  If Kanye is planning on being the President of the USA in 2020, then President of South Africa I can be.

LK&OT: Aunty Helen will be very chuffed to hear you are running for Presidency. Last question.  Talk us through your knock out of Graham Richards and your victory dance.  I believe he ended up with a couple of stitches?


SN: Graeme is my bro and that was all for charity. The little victory dance was me channeling some of my Strictly Come Dancing  moves.

LK&OT: As always you have kept me entertained.  Best of luck with the Cape-Town Marathon.  We will  be along the route, look out for us.  We support you all the way.


** Once again thanks to the peeps on the interwebs who have kindly let use their images.


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