Right about now feat Feel Good Friday

Love, Kids and Other Things


Tribelet’s – Tayla has finished her last exams and second year varsity is done and dusted.  She is one step closer to becoming a Speech and Language Therapist.  Also, soon to be celebrating her 21st in February.  Not sure how that happened. How did 21 years just race by?

Ella-Blu is in study mode as she writes her year end exams for Grade 8.  She continues to amaze me with her dedication and commitment.  She attends extra lessons for Maths and Afrikaans, with some of those being at 6:30am.  Never a moan from her, she gets it done.  Her Maths has improved so much but the Afrikaans still seems to be a challenge.  Don’t get me started on the fact that our children still need to be taught Afrikaans.

Caleb is all about the sport.  After the RWC the rugby ball has been shelved and the cricket kit is out in full force.

Mili-Flyn continues to obsessed with wearing dresses, especially the fancy type.  I did wish for 1 of the 3 girls to be somewhat girly and it seems  my wish was granted with this character.

Camping – I am happy to report that the camping trip was a huge success and I would definately go again (blog post to follow about the trip).

December – We are all doing the great trek up to Jozi in December to send time with Evert’s family.  This will involve camping, lots of the Afrikaans language, hours of driving and time spent in the car but on the upside I get to see my bestie.

Work – This has been a testing year on the work front but having said that also a very satisfying one.  It has required me to step up to the plate and reaffirmed skills that I had not used in ages.  I am working with an incredible “All Chick” team, which I must admit I was trying really hard to avoid.  I do believe women can do anything that men can, but do I really want to change a tyre and get all greasy? I think not.  So while I am not the first to burn my bra and I feel more comfortable with the opposite sex, I can state that I have stumbled onto a winning combination of estrogen.  Our office is currently a hub of Christmas activity.  A little early, I know, but with most of us going on leave from the start of December we are cashing in on the Christmas spirit.


Pug Life – Our adorable pug Cooper turns 1 on 26 November.  Thinking of baking a “pug friendly” cake for him but we all know my skills do not lie in the kitchen.  So perhaps Tayla will take up this challenge.

Cuteness overload

Cuteness overload

What’s on the box – My current viewing pleasure has to be Blindspot.  Besides the intriguing story line, Sullivan Stapleton is also very easy on the eye.

This World – While I was saddened and shocked by the events in Paris over the week-end, I just can’t bring myself to follow the masses and add the French flag to my profile picture.  This is not because I don’t care, it is that I care about so much more. There were the bombings in Beirut which seemed to go unnoticed, our community has recently experienced unrest in Masimasiphumelele, human trafficking is on a steady rise, the nearly 300 Nigerian school girls that where kidnapped in April are still missing.  Then there is Syria.  The list is endless.  So while I read silly comments on Facebook where narrow-minded people state they will not pray for Paris but instead only African countries, there is tiny glimmer of hope. I realise I have great friends who choose to not singling out an event to pray for and support, they instead choose to support the Human Race.  This is my choice.  Irrespective of colour, creed or continent we need to praying for this.  So when there is a profile picture/banner that supports this, I will put it up. *climbs off my soapbox*

Today’s Feel Good Friday is a tune that has my office and household not only tapping their feet but singing along.  Enjoy it!


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