Did Dimitri receive his care package?

Okay friends, this is where I require a little help, to settle an office/friend circle/general world debate.  Let’s start at the beginning.

A couple of months ago, just after leaving the office I realised I had a flat tyre.  Now as much as I am all for the “Girl Power” vibes and Mrs Dallas did spend TWO Physical Education lessons teaching us this much needed “skill”.  I don’t change tyres. Brute strength and dirty hands, just aren’t my thing.  The obvious choice was to call my husband and “ask” him to drop everything and weave his way through rush hour traffic like a knight in shining armour to rescue his damsel in distress.  All I needed was a suitable place to stop in the narrow streets of Newlands.  Luckily I eyed the side street next to The Sweat Shop and while looking for a parking a gentleman kindly pointed out I had a flat tyre.  I rolled down my passage side window to inform him that, YES, in fact I was a aware of this but needed to call my husband. Not to worry he tells me, park on the pavement, outside the store him and his crew were renovating and he would assist me.  Just the thought of not having to wait for my husband (patience is not my strong point) and not having to get my hands dirty, made me pull onto the pavement and exit the car!

Soon I was surrounded by Dimitri and crew, who soon worked out where everything was and got working on getting the tyre changed.  I got chatted and found that the 2 guys assisting were Dimitri and Ashley.  We chatted about everything and nothing – which is a gift I have.  I know now that Dimitri gym’s in Athlone with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex trainer! Soon enough the tyre was changed and we off they went to get their transport home and off I went on my merry way home.

Only while driving home I realised that my passage side window was still down and that in fact anyone could easily have taken my bag, phone and everything else lying open for the world to see.  But they didn’t.  The fact that Dimitri had taken the time to assist me, when he could very easily have kept going and headed off home, was really cool.  I am a big fan of Random Acts of Kindness and the Pay It Forward concept but I must admit by 5pm that has often worn thin with me.

I thought as a way of thanking them I would together a care package for Dimitri and Ashley.  Off I went to buy Steri Stumpies, Eet-Sum-Mor biscuits, Cupcakes and appropriately, MAN SIZE Lunch Bar’s.  On my way to work the next morning I stopped off at the place they were renovating. There was a dude on the stairs getting his morning fill of nicotine.  I asked if Dimitri or  Ashley had arrived yet, apparently they hadn’t.  I handed this dude the care package, asked him to please pass it on and off I went on my merry way, confident and never doubting that my good gesture would not be received by Dimitri and Ashley.  That is, until I got to work…

Upon telling my lovely colleagues about this story they were all convinced that I was far too trusting and that those Steri Stumpies and baked goods were never delivered to the intended recipients.  In fact, the girls have taken it as far as asking everyone who visits us if they think the package was delivered to Dimitri and Ashley.  Seems people think it didn’t make it!  I do feel that I do at times see the world through rose tinted glasses but I still believe they got the care package and spent the day on a sugar high.

I need your help.  Tell me there is another kind soul out there who thinks that Dimitri enjoyed those baked goods and Steri Stumpies? Or do you think the other dude had a great lunch and perhaps even offered Dimitri and Ashley one of “his” Eet-Sum-Mor ‘s?



2 thoughts on “Did Dimitri receive his care package?

  1. Joan Visser says:

    Love reading your blog, although I don’t often respond. Thank you!!! I am not very trusting and so I would say NO he did not get his surprise. My son was teaching in Taiwan and we heard that a friend’s son was also there and was going back to TW after a holiday here. We asked if he would take a packet of goodies over for our son. So a few choccie slabs and biltong packs later the parcel was handed over. The parcel never reached it’s destination and the boy admitted that he had eaten the contents himself. So I do hope Dimitri got his treats.

    • love, kids and other things says:

      Thanks Joan! You make a good point. The lesson here is not to hand sugar over to just anyone 🙂

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