Stuff about us..

Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world! Mom’s taxi to a tribe of 4, Proudly South African, Groupie to loads of stuff!

Introduction to my Tribe and the special people who rock my world:

The Husband – @evertferreira –  chief chef, braai master and known to enjoy the odd party

The First Born – Tayla – our 20 year old daughter, beautiful and a nerd at heart.  2nd year varsity, studying BSC at UCT

Skater Girl – Ella-Blu – our 13 year daughter, likes to tackle anything “non girly” from skateboarding to surfing.  Kind, caring and manages to creep into everyone’s heart.  First year at high school!

Boy – Caleb – our 8 year son, who is a mini version of his Dad and currently sporting crazy.

Mouse – Mili-Flyn – our surprise package who rules the house…. this baby is already 4 years old!


tribe2Girls and a Boy on Film – photo taken by the lovely


One thought on “Stuff about us..

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